“Almost Human” by Every Hour Kills

EHK melts faces in this electrifying performance music video. Three robotic surveillance cameras protrude around the band. The entire video looks as though it’s captured through these cameras - unusual, yet striking angles. The resulting digitally distorted and pixelated frames they create are odd … yet hauntingly beautiful.

Special Features

"Midnight" by Laura Hickli

"Midnight" tells the story of a disheartened young woman consumed by profound feelings of loss and regret. She roams around a lonely, scorched chamber, haunted by her mistakes. Amidst the torment of her memories, she finds a robot intravenous that guides her away from the darkness, towards the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Special Features

"Orient B. / To A Place You Don't Come Back" by Jung People

Descending from love to dissonance, this unorthodox music video was inspired from a short screenplay written by Doug Cook and Thomas Robert Lee. It features two tracks, "Orient B." from Jung People's album, Tenterhooks and "To A Place You Don’t Come Back" from their upcoming album, Gold Bristle.

The video depicts the tormented relationship between a father and son. It tells the story of a man living in anguish after his father’s decision to conduct genetic experiments on him as a newborn. Capturing their journey of regret, anger, forgiveness and faith, the video explores the delicate balance between nature and ethics while melody rolls in the background.

"Black Velvet" by Kobra and The Lotus

Hollywood glam and Marilyn Monroe inspired, Kobra Paige takes us on a glamorous journey of a day in the life of a rock star. Paparazzi, ritzy hotel, chauffeured to a gig in a Rolls Royce, then ending the day by performing in a hip lounge and sipping a martini on the penthouse balcony.

Special Features

"Knowledge in Fibers" by Clinton St. John

“Knowledge in Fibers” is about looking back on a destructive time in your life and seeing it for more than just an unfortunate event. Through the musician’s eyes, we see his car accident reinterpreted. Instead of focusing on the misfortune of the accident, the video emphasizes how such an event can be artistic and transcendent.

"F.O.A.D" by Mortillery

The band finds themselves imprisoned within an uber-industrial futuristic jail cell. With no freedom in sight, the band aggressively and forcefully performs their track F.O.A.D - Fuck Off And Die! to convey their feelings on the situation, and on life in general at times, finishing off with a fitting flip of the bird.

"Face of Fear" by Exit Strategy

Working alongside the Humble Wonder Group, we designed, created, and performed a unique shadow puppetry show for Calgary's heavy metal band Exit Strategy. More than 50 puppets, backgrounds, textures, and lighting effects were created to make this animated, raw, analog music video. Classic animation techniques were also used to achieve all the shots.

The big challenge was keeping all of the images, animated sequences, and layers strictly analog, meaning the entire video was created by hand. We used an overhead projector, painted transparencies, multiple layers of backgrounds painted onto huge acrylic sheets, and puppets drawn, cut, jointed, and performed by hand. Everything was captured in camera; no digital effects here!

Special Features

"Impasse" by Walk As Chaos

"Impasse" incorporates old-school, stop-motion photography, computer graphic elements mixed with live action, and fantastic set and costume design. The backdrop is a futuristic world made up of lines that have a difficult time connecting with one another, like a maze. The video showcases the collaboration, but also the frustration one can be faced with when at an impasse, whether it's man vs. man, man vs. tech or man vs. nature.

“Prevail” by Kobra and The Lotus (LYRIC VIDEO)

"Back From Beyond" by Massacre

What strikes fear in vampires and demons? Massacre does. They aren't just masters of death metal, but something far more terrifying: dark priests, and they've summoned a creature from the darkest of places, from the depths of hell — back from beyond.

"Plasma" by Divinity

“Plasma” explores the grim world of temptation and the dangers of vice. The video uses stunning imagery and thought-provoking symbolism such as apples that represent good, but are then replaced by the dripping poison of evil, exemplifying the dark, yet enticing sounds of Divinity.

Special Features

"Summersong" by WADE

Follow Ademain, the character in the video as he travels through three winter scenes, ultimately leading him closer to his discovery of the summersong. His feelings are reflected through his surroundings and the unexpected rays of sunshine that help him forget the coldness of his existence. It speaks to the breath of fresh air that creeps in when you feel that all is lost, suddenly making the weight of your troubles feel lighter, if only for a moment.

"When The Sun Shines" by Darren Johnson

Set in the woods, this video is a reminder to not to let the devil inside, which can manifest as alternate versions of yourself. Find strength within and stay strong and true to your real self. The sun symbolizes new beginnings, perseverance and happiness.

"Nevermore" by The Wine Soaked Preachers

"Sickest Thing" by Shadows Talk

"Sickest Thing" is a dark tribute to the ups and downs in relationships. The video chronicles a twisted sadomasochist love scene that gets aggressively more menacing and intense. At the end, it's revealed that the two people are actually in a loving relationship.

"Light My Fuse" by L'Rock

L'Rock explores positive and negative perspectives, bringing to life both her light and dark selves through her music. She draws inspiration from the book The Secret as the key driving force in finding the light when all seems to be dark and unforgiving, and the video depicts this personal transformation.

"Lay In The Bed You've Made" by Divinity

Focussing on musical performance, the video's opening scene lays the groundwork with striking imagery of the child trapped within each of us as we struggle to make sense of and take responsibility for the chaos that happens in our world. The video is about taking responsibility for our actions, both as individuals and as collective members of the human race.


An eerie visual representation of maelstrom — disorder, turbulence, and chaos — the video depicts eyes emerging from the darkness of the maelstrom, challenging you to decide what it is that you see in its murky depths.

Special Features

"Pyrrhic Victory Part One" by Orphan Hammer

Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat. Orphan Hammer uses their powerful performance as a celebration that transforms a decrepit old warehouse into a stage full of vibrancy, enthusiasm and self expression.

"Breaking The Broken" by Control Denied

With death on his heels, a man journeys across a morbid, post-apocalyptic landscape in search of a final resting place for a lost friend. During his plight, he also struggles with an addiction to a drug that gives him hallucinations, making the task all the more oppressive.

"The Prey" by TRUCK

Opening with shots of beautiful smiling women, the video shows how one can fall prey to sinister forces. A creepy spider-type predator lures the women into an abandoned warehouse where it tries to catch them in his web of lies and sin.

"Prolong The Agony" by Morta Skuld

A monster escapes its impending death — once free, it realizes it is lost and has nowhere to go. Searching the woods desperately seeking redemption and forgiveness, but it ends up right back where it started. It was never really free at all.

"Move Forward Until You Are Dead" by The Unravelling

Somewhere in the blood-soaked realms between earth and hell, The Unravelling perform this visceral track about revival and perseverance, referencing the theme of being buried alive and reclaiming your own existence.