"F.O.A.D" by Mortillery

"Midnight" by Laura Hickli

"Orient B. / To A Place You Don't Come Back" by Jung People


"Almost Human" by Every Hour Kills

"Black Velvet" by Kobra and The Lotus

"Impasse" by Walk As Chaos

"Knowledge in Fibers" by Clinton St. John

“Prevail” by Kobra and The Lotus (LYRIC VIDEO)

"Plasma" by Divinity

"Face of Fear" by Exit Strategy

"Back From Beyond" by Massacre

"Summersong" by WADE

"When The Sun Shines" by Darren Johnson

"Nevermore" by The Wine Soaked Preachers

"Sickest Thing" by Shadows Talk

"Light My Fuse" by L'Rock

"Lay In The Bed You've Made" by Divinity

"Pyrrhic Victory Part One" by Orphan Hammer

"Breaking The Broken" by Control Denied

"The Prey" by TRUCK

"Prolong The Agony" by Morta Skuld

"Move Forward Until You Are Dead" by The Unravelling