Pure Grain Audio - The Prey

The Skinny: Canadian instrumental progressive metal trio TRUCK have released two versions of their new album. One is a free digital download that contains the original instrumental album. The other is a CD entitled Passengers that features a host of vocalists from the Alberta metal scene and is available for paid download.

The talented trio also just released their first music video, "The Prey", directed by Calgary filmmaker/director Doug Cook (Divinity, The Unravelling) and features Jarrod Maxwell Lyster on vocals. The video is up on various blogs and websites, including Blank TV, where it received over 1,000 hits in 48 hours.

TRUCK’s instrumental album definitely stands strong on it’s own, but the band mutually decided to bring in a diverse collection of vocalists for the second edition of the album. The list includes Sean Jenkins (Divinity), Greg Musgrave (Exit Strategy, Phantom Limb), Steve Moore (The Unravelling)