Open Door

The Bee going into the flower was very symbolic to me. I saw it as a sign to call this film “Open Door”. I believe God stands at a door waiting for us to come knocking. When you do knock, he is most welcoming. My approach to making this little video was to capture the “nooks and crannies” of St. James Church, angles that you would either take for granted or spaces that you may never actually see. I wanted to showcase the Character of the church. To my delight this task was made easy thanks to mother nature! As the light changed and moved outside it was guiding me through every shot. The sunshine would reveal something that would catch my eye and then a shadow somewhere else would appear, so then I would move my focus to that area and so-on-and-so-fourth. It was awesome! Special Thanks to the members of St. James Church for allowing to make this little film. I hope it helps grow the community in Priddis.

Song " A Summer of Lumber and Fishing" by Mark Isham
Filmed at St. James Church in Priddis, Alberta Canada