Notis Metal Festival - Cook

THE CONFERENCE: What does it take to get a MUSIC VIDEO made for your band? When should you make one? How do you chose a video director? What will it cost? How do you get the most out of your music video once you have it? Join us to hear one of the people who will be on this panel: DOUG COOK. Directing music videos for bands such as Divinity, Death, Atomis, Orphan Hammer, Morta Skuld, Control Denied, Truck, The Unravelling and many more, Doug Cook has become one of Alberta’s leading independent Music Video Directors.
His technical competence, edgy style and fearless use of unusual props have distinguished his work among that of others. Doug has also released multiple short films and helped garner attention for a slew of local artists in various genres. Currently, Doug is developing a music video for DEATH’s “Pull the Plug” - a track from the 1988 album Leprosy, which is being reissued. Doug is also directing a video for “Impasse” from Sacha Laskow’s side project, Walk As Chaos. Follow Doug on twitter: @_dougcook