F.O.A.D in the Tin!

Today we filmed the music video "FOAD" Fuck off and die! for Edmonton's Thrash Metal Band "Mortillery". I love this song, I found it unique, catchy, fun and balls out cool. Hans Grossman was D.P along with Anish Bahl as Camera Assistant extraordinaire. Bobby Vanonen as Production Designer once again created a amazing custom set for this video - looked so good on screen. We managed to capture some really stunning images with the band performance within the set - the two elements came together very nicely. This video is not a complex video - very simple concept but has some very cool angles to it. I'm really looking forward to start cutting.

The time-lapse above was from a GoPro camera. For some strange reason I have yet to figure out - the GoPro turned off unexpectedly and did not capture the entire day which would have been really cool to see. However - it did manage to capture one complete set-up that we used for Cara's performance scene.