I'm scheduled to direct Divinity's first music video for their crazy new single “Plasma”. I highly recommend going to their website and listening to some of their tracks. We have cast the video and are currently right in the middle of production. We plan to be filming early Feb 2008. This video takes from the meaning behind Plasma by focusing on the story of a young king who succumbs to temptation. As a result of his careless actions, he becomes deathly ill. His world of bountiful pleasure quickly turns to despair as the infection spreads. The video will demonstrate how the ignorance of our actions can have grave consequences. The king’s story explores human temptation and the price we pay for having “just a taste.”

I'm really excited about the costumes for this video! Danika Challand has agreed to design and create from scratch three costumes for our characters - and I know she is going to come up with something that will just rock! Also - Mike Matthews is back at it again with designing and construction the set. Each video I work with Mike he consistantly matches or exceeds my expectations. It's a really cool feeling and experience seeing what is in your mind come out into a tangible item/set. I plan on steping out of my comfort zone on this video and experiment with high definition (HD) video.