09.16.10 – PIECES OF STONE

Chris and I had this really great plan for his music video "Pieces of Stone". However - the morning of our shooting day - our plans were litterly washed away due to the crap summer weather we have been enduring. So - we sat down and discussed our options. During our discussion I discovered that the room we were sitting in was the room Chris wrote the song and came up with the tune. Surrounded by paraphernalia that represented Chris we got the idea and acted impulsively … we decided to shoot the entire video in this tiny10-foot X 10-foot room.

I really enjoyed working this way for a change. I threw out my entire storyboard and plans and built the video one shot at a time. It took Chris and I roughly 6 hours to shoot the entire video but we were both very pleased with what we had come up with. The video is now in the editing stage and should be completed with in the next month or so.

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