Enduring through various up's and downs since the release of their first album "Allegory" nearly a year ago, Divinity persevered and finished their (amazing) second album titled "The Singularity”. I had the privilege of directing their latest music video for the track “Lay in the bed you’ve made”. In this video we got up close and personal filming 70 percent of the video with a macro lens.

It was a pleasure working with Johnny Vincent and Ryal Maxwell-Lyster (actors). With their help we captured a short story that binds the video. They played the same character of a young boy that takes on the burden of our world’s poor decisions. Ryal plays the scared young boy that turns into a very angry and frustrated man, which is played by Johnny. The symbolic image of a scared little boy and an infuriated grown man reflects what may possibly be our up and coming generation. Both Ryal and Johnny did a great job and I’m thankful for their contribution.

The video is simple but sweet. I look forward to presenting the finished piece, which is geared for release October 1st 2010. Stay Tuned.