Today we filmed at one of my favorite places, “Forget Me Not Pond”. The pond is located roughly 45min outside of Calgary in Kananaskis country. I used this location as the backdrop for Marija Smolcic single “Human Again”. The pond and surrounding area turned out to be more of a character then a backdrop. It was a very hot, cold, sunny, cloudy, windy and rainy day for the three of us, Krista Kent (Make-up artist), Marija (Performer) and myself (Cinematographer, Director and Producer).

I used the Canon 7D once again. With the variety of lenses, high-resolution and the flexibility it offers … I’m having a hard time coming up with excuses not to shoot. It’s been a challenge filming outdoors but the rewards sure come out in the image … not to mention the pocket book.

Marija and I have been talking about doing a music video for almost one full year. We pulled it together and I think we captured some very unique images and one stellar performance from Marija. Thank you to both Marija and Krista for working really hard and giving this project as much passion as you could muster. I recommend downloading Marija’s latest album “On the inside”.