Sickest Thing Premiere

Tonight was the Premiere for Shadowstalk Music Video "Sickest Thing". What a Blast! it was held at Original Joe's (Avenida) viewed on five of the flat screen TV's seen throughout the restaurant. Most of the cast and crew were there and we all were pleasantly surprised to be given awards from the band. A golden plastic Oscar "The Sickest Music Video Award" - very cool - I was very surprised and excited - thx for that. Also - Marija very kindly gave me a Yoga matt to place under my knees for the next possible shoot! (camera work can sometimes be very painful to the back and knees) Thanks Marija - very thoughtful of you.

The reaction from the audience was very cool! I think the images took everyone for surprise! It is a different music video in that it's got some sexual images and also feels more like a little movie! I think it's cool and unique - something I haven't done before and that's why I originally gravitated to the project.

Shadowstalk plans to officially release "Sickest Thing" this Thursday on their website. I will have it posted on my website as well. - D