Moon Jive Film Fest


I'm pleased to say that my two films "Falls" and "Knowledge in Fibers" will be screened at this years Moon Jive Film Festival.

The first annual Moon Jive Film Fest is an independent film festival, which will be hosted in Calgary on Thursday, November 22, 2012 at The Plaza Theatre in Kensington. Founded in 2012 by Henry Acteson, a local photographer and filmographer, the Moon Jive will be a celebration of the budding film community in Calgary, and will provide film makers with an audacious opportunity to expose their work.

The festival will be judged by local film critics from the media. The winners of the festival either in their category, or overall, will earn the title of “Best of Show Moon Jive Film Fest (or in select category)”, and will earn recognition by the Calgary film community

Enjoy the Show on November 22 Do you love watching independent films? Moon Jive is an excellent way to support talented artists in the Calgary community. Tickets are only $10, and are available in advance on our website starting October 1, 2012 or can be purchased for $15 at The Plaza Theatre on event night.