Jung People Crew Screening


Today we screened Jung People's "Orient B. / To A Place You Don't Come Back" at The Jayman Theatre in SouthWest Calgary. It was great to see some of the cast & crew all together again and the music video looked fabulous on a large screen. Thanks again to an awesome crew - what a great group of great peeps! cheers D.


Jung People


Today I directed a music video for Calgary's post-rock duo -Jung People. I decided to make 1 music video for 2 songs which I have not done before and found really fun! "Orient B" is off the album "Tenderhooks" and "A Place You Don't Come Back" is off their new upcoming album "Golden Bristle" Also - the concept of the music video is based on a short film that I have written along-side fellow filmmaker Thomas Lee. The Vid will be a Music Video for Jung People but also act as a trailer for my short film that is currently "untitled". 

Combining post-rock structure with prog-metal musicianship and a benevolent social philosophy, Jung People’s music transcends the barriers of instrumental music and forges a deeper connection to the listener than lyrics ever could. Moving between pastoral and oppressive, Jung People are here to tell stories.

Nominated for AMPIA award

So pleased to say that my video for Walk As Chaos "Impasse" has been nominated for BEST MUSIC VIDEO at this years Alberta Film and Television Awards (AMPIA). 

2013 Alberta Film & Television Awards on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton. The video above is the press conference announcing what AMPIA is all about and releasing the nominations. - Wish me luck.

F.O.A.D in the Tin!

Today we filmed the music video "FOAD" Fuck off and die! for Edmonton's Thrash Metal Band "Mortillery". I love this song, I found it unique, catchy, fun and balls out cool. Hans Grossman was D.P along with Anish Bahl as Camera Assistant extraordinaire. Bobby Vanonen as Production Designer once again created a amazing custom set for this video - looked so good on screen. We managed to capture some really stunning images with the band performance within the set - the two elements came together very nicely. This video is not a complex video - very simple concept but has some very cool angles to it. I'm really looking forward to start cutting.

The time-lapse above was from a GoPro camera. For some strange reason I have yet to figure out - the GoPro turned off unexpectedly and did not capture the entire day which would have been really cool to see. However - it did manage to capture one complete set-up that we used for Cara's performance scene.

Mortillery "F.O.A.D"


Hailing from the Canadian wasteland known as Edmonton, Mortillery are on a mission to deliver true Thrash Metal to oppress the masses with their debut album "Murder Death Kill". In a scene that is over saturated with retro acts, Mortillery stand out with their holocaustic riffage, raw energy and dynamic female vocals. Drawing influence from a wide range of artists such as Judas Priest, English Dogs, Warfare, Broken Bones, Iron Maiden, Crucifix, Slayer, W.A.S.P. and early Metallica, the unstoppable force of Mortillery is reminiscent of the glory days of Bay Area Thrash as well as the primal aggression of intense hardcore/punk.

Massacre "Back From Beyond"


Super stoked to start working on a music video for the face melting metal band "MASSACRE"! Production has begun!!!

The Legendary MASSACRE has once again returned, with 2 original members from the From Beyond line-up: TERRY BUTLER (BASS) and RICK ROZZ (GUITAR) the addition of 2 crushing newcomers, MIKE MAZZONETTO (DRUMS) & ED WEBB (VOCALS). 

Keep yourselves prepared for the brutality of a new MASSACRE album and world tour. Believe it!

Winner Best Music Video!


Wow! what a great evening at the Plaza Theatre! two of my music videos where shown at this years Moon Jive Film Festival and "Knowledge in Fibers" received BEST MUSIC VIDEO! I'm so pleased that Knowledge in Fibers got recognized as it is one of my videos that kinda got lost and knowone really saw it. It was also super cool to see my work on the Big Screen!

The other films were very interesting and entertaining. It was awesome being included with a group of talented filmmakers and their work. I think the Moon Jive Fest may have found a niche market with a festival that showcases local Music Videos. I hope to see it happen again next year. 

Thanks Henry for putting on the show.

Moon Jive Film Fest


I'm pleased to say that my two films "Falls" and "Knowledge in Fibers" will be screened at this years Moon Jive Film Festival.

The first annual Moon Jive Film Fest is an independent film festival, which will be hosted in Calgary on Thursday, November 22, 2012 at The Plaza Theatre in Kensington. Founded in 2012 by Henry Acteson, a local photographer and filmographer, the Moon Jive will be a celebration of the budding film community in Calgary, and will provide film makers with an audacious opportunity to expose their work.

The festival will be judged by local film critics from the media. The winners of the festival either in their category, or overall, will earn the title of “Best of Show Moon Jive Film Fest (or in select category)”, and will earn recognition by the Calgary film community

Enjoy the Show on November 22 Do you love watching independent films? Moon Jive is an excellent way to support talented artists in the Calgary community. Tickets are only $10, and are available in advance on our website starting October 1, 2012 or can be purchased for $15 at The Plaza Theatre on event night.

An Interview about Death!


Today the crew of "Pull The Plug" met with writer Leanna Mcmillinan at the Ramsay design centre to have a in-depth discussion about the upcoming music video "Pull The Plug" and how the project came together.

Troy Tye (animator) Jamil Gali (animator) Eric Grief (band manager) and Doug Cook (Producer/Director) gathered around the round table and shared a bit of the history and how our project has come to be.

The article will be published on sometime in December 2012.

Noctis Metal Fest


I'm honored to be included in this years NOCTIS Metal Fest. I'll be one of the Speakers and Panellists. Really Looking forward to it. Sept 27 - 29th 2012.

Directing music videos for bands such as Divinity, Death, Atomis, Orphan Hammer, Morta Skuld, Control Denied, Truck, The Unravelling and many more, Doug Cook has become one of Alberta’s leading independent Music Video Directors. His technical competence, edgy style and fearless use of unusual props have distinguish him as a local director. Doug has also released multiple short films and helped garner attention for a slew of local artists in various genres. Currently, Doug is developing a music video for DEATH’s “Pull the Plug” - a track from the 1988 album Leprosy, which is being reissued. Doug is also directing a video for “Impasse” from Sacha Laskow’s side project, Walk As Chaos. Follow Doug on twitter: @_dougcook 

The Noctis Valkyries Metal Festival is a Canadian music festival started in Calgary. Held annually since 2007, the metal festival is organized by Scarab Metal Productions. Since '07, the festival has been held at University of Calgary's MacEwan Hall, Vern's Tavern, and the Distillery Nightclub. In 2009, 2010, and returning again in 2012, the festival has included a metal conference, held each time at the Ramada Hotel, downtown Calgary. Speakers have included Megadeth bassist, Dave Ellefson and Canadian filmmaker, Sam Dunn among many other notable metal label-heads, journalists, publicists and musicians.


I produced a short video for Canada's newest testicular cancer-focused organizations called "Oneball". The video premiered last week at a fundrasier which helped produce over $40,000 worth of donations.

In 2009 a group of testicular cancer survivors and stand-up friends, family members and everyday people joined forces with the common goal of giving testicular cancer a punch in the groin.

“Doug is a real professional who created a high quality brand video for our charitable organization that exceed all our expectations. Doug worked with us at each stage of the process from ideation to planning to script development. This was extremely beneficial since it was our first video production experience that most certainly would have taken much longer to complete if Doug had not been guiding us. Doug took our rough vision and made it his own. This was the best part about working with Doug, because he took the time to get to know us personally and developed a final product that contained not only our few criteria, but included many more creative elements to enhanced our message. Our board of directors would like to thank Doug for volunteering his time, but especially for donating his producer skill-set.”
— Jason Baker, President

Sickest Thing Premiere

Tonight was the Premiere for Shadowstalk Music Video "Sickest Thing". What a Blast! it was held at Original Joe's (Avenida) viewed on five of the flat screen TV's seen throughout the restaurant. Most of the cast and crew were there and we all were pleasantly surprised to be given awards from the band. A golden plastic Oscar "The Sickest Music Video Award" - very cool - I was very surprised and excited - thx for that. Also - Marija very kindly gave me a Yoga matt to place under my knees for the next possible shoot! (camera work can sometimes be very painful to the back and knees) Thanks Marija - very thoughtful of you.

The reaction from the audience was very cool! I think the images took everyone for surprise! It is a different music video in that it's got some sexual images and also feels more like a little movie! I think it's cool and unique - something I haven't done before and that's why I originally gravitated to the project.

Shadowstalk plans to officially release "Sickest Thing" this Thursday on their website. I will have it posted on my website as well. - D

Impasse by Walk As Chaos


I directed a music video for Calgary band "Walk As Chaos" for the single "Impasse". I call this video my "Bladerunner" as the concept is designed to take place within a dirty futuristic environment. Bobby Vanonen from Slate Studios really pulled through for me on this one. We had three separate rooms/sets that were fully decked out, was so awesome shooting. The Video stars Sacha Laskow (Divinity), Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster (Truck, Autobody) and Marla Singer (Model, Actress).

There was another small set built for a stop-motion sequence for a very cool robot, this has been shot and edited. Some of the live-action components require some very cool digital FX and are currently being worked on.  The plan is a Nov/Dec 2012 release.

MAELSTROM on Pure Grain

By Chris Gonda - The Skinny: This hypnotic, trance-inducing epic of a video was shot, produced and skillfully crafted by Calgary-based film director Doug Cook (Divinity, Truck, Orphan Hammer). The video for the single entitled "Maelstrom" was released on April 3rd, 2012 by the post-rock, avantgarde, experimental band ATOMIS. The group is currently writing their full-length album slated for a late 2012 release. 


This Canadian band really reminds me of latter-day The Ocean. It’s rare you’ll see us praise bands that sound so much like other bands, but seeing as a) The Ocean are fantastic and they haven’t exactly spawned a glut of imitators, b) these guys are obviously very good, and c) their music video for “Maelstorm” is really cool, I’m gonna give them a pass. Take a look below and hang on for the ride. View article here


On March 23, 2012, Calgary’s Atomis held a video release party for their track “Maelström”. The instrumental act, comprised of guitarist/vocalist Matthew James McLaughlin, drummer Nathan Navetto, guitarist Taylor Johnson and bassist Bryan Buss, sold out the intimate venue they chose for the event. The Village Brewery, a very unique choice for a venue and a new addition to Calgary, was discovered by drummer and beer connoisseur Nathan Navetto. Attendees mingled with the band and were able to look into the actually brewery as they sampled the Village Blonde ale and the Village Blacksmith.  The Village Brewery also features art by local artists and on the night of video release, Navetto, who is also a graphic designer, had some of his work for sale.

The New Calgary Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen, one of the city’s most well known interior design and home furnishing businesses is moving to a new location after 30 years in Mayfair Place.

“We’ve outgrown these walls,” says Chief Operating Officer, Doug Cook, discussing the reason for the company’s upcoming move. “We’re more than just a furniture store. Design is our focus and the new location better reflects our interior design business.” The new Interior Design Centre will be filled with brand-new products, which will beautifully convey the concept of Ethan Allen’s 5 lifestyles (Elegance, Modern, Vintage, Romance and Explorer). An improved layout will make it very easy for clients to navigate through the Design Centre and discover their own unique style. New touch screen technology will interactively display all Ethan Allen products as well as create superb visual representations of custom fabrics, finishes and accents. The new Design Centre will also have two studios where a strong team of salaried interior designers will create and present one-of-a-kind room plans.

Ethan Allen Calgary is an independent retailer and is owned and operated by the Cook family. “Ethan Allen has been our second home since we were kids. We grew up in the business and have watched it grow so this move is an extraordinary time for us as a business and as a family,” beamed Wes Cook, the third son of the family.

You will find Ethan Allen’s new home at 15 Sunpark Plaza in the southeast community of Sundance. This location will be open for business on April 7, 2012. The business will continue to provide complimentary and commission-free interior design consultation and free local delivery. 


Wow! what a awesome night! Atomis premiered the music video for their single "Maelstrom" at Calgary's new brewery "Village Brewery" what a great turn out! We pulled together 4 - 40 inch flat screen TV's and mirrored the image on each TV and cranked the volume! it was just so awesome to see the video playing across 4 TV's simutantously  ... and so loud! wicked ... a night to remember! thanks all. - Doug


Today I directed and shot a music video for Calgary band "Shadowstalk" for their single "Sickest Thing". It was a very tough shoot - many obstacles - but we managed to capture some stunning images and great performances.

A very special thanks to Bobby Vanonen for his amazing Production Design - making a empty room into something very cool with little amount of tools. Also - a thanks to Dean Rush and Tayln Stone for their great performances and perseverance (Dean tied to a chair for 8 hours).

I refer to this video as being my first directed "Love Scene", however this love scene is quite twisted! I guess that's what is going to make this video unique ... that it's twisted. The video should be released sometime near the end of May. Stay Tuned. - D


Today we filmed the Live Action sequence for Death's Music Video "Pull The Plug". The shoot went amazing! what a great crew and set. Special thanks to the following: Mike Matthews, Madigan Reilly, Starr Cook, James Duncan, Nevin and MtM Studios. Thanks everyone! - Doug