Geeks Of Doom - Back From Beyond

If you’re a death metal fan, then chances are you know Florida’s Massacreand their 1991 debut album From Beyond. Although the band itself has been mostly absent from the scene since the mid-1990s with its members involved in other projects, Massacre is poised to make a triumphant return with their new album, Back from Beyond, which will be released in the United States by Century Media on April 1, 2014.

Our metal brethren over at Century Media, knowing that we here at Geeks of Doom are true metal people, have asked us to exclusively premiere the video for the title track in advance of the album’s release. Check out the video here below of Massacre’s “Back From Beyond”!

Sound production is great on the new tune, and the video features a story by Nick Johnson with characters and animation by Johnson and Ryder McLean