The Artist puts his brush to the canvas and feverishly begins to paint ... water begins to flow out of his paintbrush like a powerful river. But before long, obstructions such as jagged rocks, twists and turns begin to get in his way. Given these unanticipated obstacles, the artist is forced to make a decision: to cease painting and start over or, to accept the new and unexpected direction his art is now taking. Thoughts of giving up flood the Artist’s mind and he begins to feel a certain sense of darkness creeping in. 

The Artist eventually finds clarity and pushes himself to persevere - to embrace obstacles and their role in the creative process. Despite unforeseen difficulties, the artist finds his way to "the falls" - just as a river forcefully rushes on, not stopping for any force of nature which may present itself. This cathartic film helped me, as an artist, to realize that with any creative endeavor, obstacles will rear their ugly face. The question is … how will they be dealt with?