Ear Bender Magazine - Jung People

Calgary’s Jung People are set to release their second album in early October – ‘Gold Bristle’ will be available on October 12, 2013. Their previous album, ‘Tenderhook’, hit the airwaves a year after the group officially formed.

This latest video release showcases a song from both the old album (Orient B.) and their upcoming one (To A Place You Don’t Come Back). Described as “descending from love to dissonance”, the video music film was inspired by a Doug Cook/Thomas Robert Lee screenplay. It leaps into some somewhat disquieting visuals and sounds right off the bat, with a “lone man in the woods shot with an unsteady cam” that is right out of the horror genre.

It’s complex, touching on the father-son relationship, the burden and razor-thin peak of genius, and the desperation of ‘modern’ technology. Jung People’s music is a perfect accompaniment to the action on the screen – Orient B is a harmonious but edgy sound that will set your teeth but relax your shoulders, while To A Place You Don’t Come Back starts in an almost heavenly refrain that ascents to madness.