BraveWords - Face of Fear

After eight years, three albums and a live DVD, Calgary's Exit Strategy decided to explore the idea of doing music video, but not in the tradition metal video style of a group of guys playing their instruments, "rocking the fuck out so to speak," the band says.

"We had an idea for the song 'Face Of Fear’ off of our latest album The Atrocity Machine, which is based on the original Wolf Man movie and thought it would be a great premise for a video that we could explore a more artistic visualization of the story behind the song. That all came to fruition when we hooked up with acclaimed video director Doug Cook (Massacre, Divinity, Death) who came up with idea to use shadow puppets to stage the story with hand crafted sets and imagery with the band members incorporated into the video without actually performing the songs or playing our instruments, but more just an acting presence to help narrate the lyrics to accompany the visuals.

Six months of brainstorming, set and puppet design and construction care of the Humble Wonder Theatre Group, who also staged all of the visuals throughout the video resulted in what we believe is a truly original and unique video; one that doesn't rely on any CG or fancy digital editing, as everything you see in the video is real with actual sets, props and shadow puppetry creating a real handcrafted piece of art through set design, lighting, staging and acting. The end result is something that we are all very proud of and the whole experience creating it from concept to finished product was amazing.