Bloody Disgusting - Impasse - Article 2

Extreme prog metal band Walk As Chaos has released a very cool video for their first single “Impasse”. The band is a collaboration between Alan Sacha Laskow (Divinity, Enditol) and Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster (Out of Your Mouth, Autobody). Using stop motion photography, computer graphic elements mixed with live action, and fascinating set and costume design, the video has a rough, dirty futuristic feel permeating throughout. Check it out below.

Laskow comments, “We are super excited about our new music video for “Impasse”. [Director] Doug Cook went the extra mile and we are proud to say we feel it sticks out as being modern & inventive – just like our music. When we started talking about how to bring the song into the visual realm, Doug decided the backdrop should be a futuristic world made up of lines that had a difficult time connecting with each other, like a maze. He also wanted to put Jerrod and I into situations that showcased our collaboration (singer/engineer) but also the frustration one can be faced with when being at a impasse, whether is be Man vs. Man, Man vs. Tech and Man vs. Nature etc.“