We had a blast working with Doug and we would gladly work with him again in the future & would not hesitate to recommend him to any of our peers or anyone looking to have a truly passionate artist translate your song into a living, breathing visual work of art.
— Greg Musgrave | Exit Strategy
Doug has a true gift for capturing the essence of the music and the story; bringing together a masterful, complete & cohesive expression. He has a genuine desire to connect and bring forth a product that truly aligns with the artistic and authentic vibe of the artist. Professional and efficient.
— Kobra And The Lotus
Another round with Doug Cook, another SICK video in the can. Each time we push the limit of what we can do creatively and the end result gets better and better. Doug is a manic mad scientist wizard; the perfect foil to bring our aural chaos into tangible visual existence.
— Sacha Laskow | Every Hour Kills
He knows what he wants and more importantly he knows how to get it. The crew and the people that have hired him are always relaxed knowin that “Doug knows! how to get er done, and done right. Just look at his body of work - every peice, glowing with a vision that Doug saw the moment he became inspired to take the project on. What’s next for Doug? Something awesome, that’s what.
— Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster | Every Hour Kills
Doug took us on a journey! Everything was laid out perfectly, very clear and concise. What I liked most was how direct he was with what he was looking for and how he brought out the great performance in all of us. Great leadership and a real genius for the right angle. I’d be honoured to work on another video with him in the near future!
— Brent Stutsky | Every Hour Kills
Working with Doug was Awesome!. His high energy & enthusiasm was the first thing I noticed when meeting with him. He had a ton of passion & a solid up beat attitude during the whole process. Production was smooth start to finish with out a single beat missed. Im totally pumped to do another video ASAP!
— Rob Shawcross | Every Hour Kills
Working with Doug on this Chin Whiskey customer experience video has been nothing but pure perfection from start to finish. I would highly recommend his expertise! Cheers Doug our team looks forward to the future projects with you.
— Mike Campbell, Founder CW Barbers
Doug busted the norm by introducing wild & oddly incredibly ideas, surpassing all expectations. Open to new ideas and suggestions, however still maintained strong leadership. Doug will do everything in his power to make sure the music video is unique and meaningful to your individual song’s roots, and your intentions as an artist.
— Laura Hickli
From the moment we saw the first few seconds of our video”Back From Beyond” we knew Doug captured the essence and feel of the song. Doug nailed it! The graphics are modern and cutting edge. You could watch the video without volume and still understand what’s happening. Doug Rocks!
— Terry Butler | Massacre
A Doug Cook film is a day in a minute, and an eclipse of a lifetime. It was a pleasure to be paint on his palette, and the soundtrack to a world we’ll watch until rest.
— Jung People
We shot our first music video with Doug and it was amazing! His professionalism was incredible, he knew it was our first video and made us feel really comfortable. The experience was great and we would gladly work with Doug again.
— Mortillery
We are super excited about our new music video for “Impasse”. Doug went the extra mile and we are proud to say we feel it sticks out as being modern & inventive – just like our music.
— Walk As Chaos
Doug’s patience, passion and creative drive are enduring. He is always willing to take risks and push both himself and the artist in order to achieve a beautiful end result. He is flexible and encouraging to work with, and consistently open to experiment with new ideas. An incredible talent.
— Atomis
It has been an honour and sheer joy to work with such an enthusiastic, talented individual, who is so dedicated and passionate about his work. His expertise & creative ideas on how to tell a story is truly a force to be reckoned with. I whole heartedly would recommend Doug if you are looking for a solid film director.
— L'Rock
Doug is a man of vision, with the youthful exuberance of a little boy playing with his favorite trains. I admire & worship his optimism as he approaches each project as if it is a major motion picture, every detail demanding its fair shake.
— Eric Grief
From our first communications with Doug right through to his final call for ‘That’s a wrap boys’ - Doug Cook exemplified the consummate professional. Our project was meticulously planned granting us little pokets of time to enjoy the experience and learn from his team of world class artists. Thanks for bringing our macabre visions to life Doug.
— Steve Moore | The Unravelling
Doug did an amazing job on our music video. From the planning stages to completion. Communication, efficiency, professionalism and artistic vision, everything went off without a hitch. He captured our soul and movement in the way we envisioned, and made us look sexy as hell too! We will definitely use Doug again in the future. Great job!
— Orphan Hammer
Doug is a professional, through and through. As an artist I relish the opportunity to work with someone so driven and generally fired up. The experience shooting and planning could not have gone any better. Most of all, I was able to fully trust Doug with themes that were very close to me. I plan to work with him again as soon as possible.”
— Gustavo De Beauville | The Unravelling
Working with Doug was a great experience; he is professional, efficient and does amazing work. He worked very hard to capture the soul of the song, which us musicians work so hard to relay. It was a pleasure to work with Doug and I look forward to our next collaboration.
— Morta Skuld
Doug, you are truly a great artist, but I didn’t expect anything less, since Marija talks so highly of you. This is one of the coolest and most heartfelt videos I’ve seen in a long, long time, amazing job, both of you.
— Michael Wagener
Doug is a very creative and talented director. He always shows up with strong ideas and a precise plan and is able to adjust and work with the artist to make sure they both end up with a product they can be proud of.
— Truck
It was great working with Doug on my music video for “Pieces of Stone”, he managed the project professionally and thoughtfully. Always punctual, Doug came very prepared for every meeting. When the weather turned bad and threatened our plans, Doug’s artistic eye saw potential in a very different environment. Doug adapted to the new plan with enthusiasm, using local light sources, and found items and subject mater to work with. It was very easy to work with Doug; he listened to my suggestions and found my story.
— Chris Gheran
Doug proved that even with many challenges, with the right people with the right tools & some hard work, we can make great shit happen. We are blown away yet again with Doug’s directorial vision and perseverance to get the job done! The music video showcased the band’s musicianship as well as portrayed the mood & message of the song. He did it all within our budget, timing, and resources available. Thanks Doug, you the man! It was great working with you. Metally Cheers!.
— Divinity
Doug was prepared, articulate and more than anything, he understood exactly the ‘feel’ I was hoping to achieve for this music video. He was mindful of my personality and played up all my strengths. Doug has a directors eye, and its hard not to fall into this dramatic world he creates without wanting more. I feel fortunate to have worked with such a great talent.
— Marija Smolcic
How refreshing it is to work with Doug. Making art of art’s sake. I look forward to working with him in the future, thank You.
— Darren Johnson
I put all my faith in what Doug wanted to do with the video, and jumped in and it paid off! we pulled off a very professional looking music video, and really, it is all because of Doug. He had a solid plan and really followed it through. I had lots of doubts, and millions of questions. Doug took them all in stride and followed the video through to completion, and to a much higher standard than I would ever have expected.
— Heather Blush and The Uppercuts
A very inspiring and kick ass shoot. Doug is the man, he has such passion and drive to his filmmaking, which is probably why he has such an impressive portfolio and most of us just have ideas written down on paper that never get finished. He took this little song we wrote and made something amazing, on a whim, and purely on artistic instinct and fervor.
— Wade