I’m a multi-disciplinary filmmaker -- I produce, direct, shoot and cut commercial and dramatic works, and occasionally dabble in screenwriting and experimental film. I love it all, but at heart I’m a storyteller. My prep, production and post-production skills and experience mean I’m a hundred percent home on set, leading crews and actors in creating beautiful visuals and compelling stories.

I’m happy and able to work within client budgets. For larger-budget projects, I have the experience and connections to recruit and lead the right people for the right jobs – focusing my energy on directing and shaping a project with a clear, strong story. When budgets are tight, my range of talents means I can easily function. I don’t need to invent a process for each project – I‘ve done it before and know how to do it well, and with maximum efficiency.

My technical competence, hands-on approach and bold visual imagination distinguish me as a unique Alberta filmmaker with a strong body of work. Audiences recognize my signature style, with themes illuminated by my unique vision and meticulous attention to detail. A project of mine, whatever its budget, is always innovative, high-quality work that both you and I will be proud of. I bring messages, songs and stories to life in a way that reflects both your goals and my artistic vision … Oh! And I play with my beard a lot. It helps me think.