08.01.2013 - Jung People Screening

Today we screened Jung People's "Orient B. / To A Place You Don't Come Back" at The Jayman Theatre in SouthWest Calgary. It was great to see some of the cast & crew all together again and the music video looked fabulous on a large screen. Thanks again to an awesome crew - what a great group of great peeps! cheers D.


05.05.2013 - Jung People

Today I directed a music video for Calgary's post-rock duo -Jung People. I decided to make 1 music video for 2 songs which I have not done before and found really fun! "Orient B" is off the album "Tenderhooks" and "A Place You Don't Come Back" is off their new upcoming album "Golden Bristle" Also - the concept of the music video is based on a short film that I have written along-side fellow filmmaker Thomas Lee. The Vid will be a Music Video for Jung People but also act as a trailer for my short film that is currently "untitled". 


04.24.2013 - AMPIA

So pleased to say that my video for Walk As Chaos "Impasse" has been nominated for BEST MUSIC VIDEO at this years Alberta Film and Television Awards (AMPIA). 

2013 Alberta Film & Television Awards on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton. The video above is the press conference announcing what AMPIA is all about and releasing the nominations. - Wish me luck.

02.23.2013 - F.O.A.D

Today we filmed the music video "FOAD" for Edmonton's Thrash Metal Band "Mortillery". I love this song, I found it unique, catchy, fun and balls out cool. Hans Grossman was D.P along with Anish Bahl as Camera Assistant extraordinaire. Bobby Vanonen as Production Designer once again created a amazing custom set for this video - looked so good on screen. We managed to capture some really stunning images with the band performance within the set - the two elements came together very nicely. This video is not a complex video - very simple concept but has some very cool angles to it. I'm really looking forward to start cutting.