11.12.2011 - Extreme Metal Television onset

The dudes from the internet program "Extreme Metal Television" stopped by the set of the Orphan Hammer video shoot and created a little spot for me on their program. I really appercaite the time they spent with us and showing an interest in our project. Check it out here:http://youtu.be/nzrylHxJSos

Extreme Metal Facebook here 


09.14.2011 - Let My Fuse

Singer/Songwriter Laura "L'Rock" from Toronto will be traveling to Cowtown to shoot her first music video "Light My Fuse". "Light my Fuse" is one of many steller songs on L'Rock's upcoming album "Laws of Attraction". Calgary's Kesar Lacroix, Stylist extraordinaire has joined the crew and ideas are flowing! Production is set to take place end of October 2011 - Halloween

09.07.2011 - Orphan Hammer

Looks as though I'll be directing a music video for Calgary's experimental, power, progressive metalband "Orphan Hammer" for their single "Pyrrhic Victory Part One". This will be a performance video highlighting each of the six band members in a very cool and unique location (it's a secret for now). We are scheduled to shoot end of this month (Sept) Stay tuned.


09.01.2011 - Open Door

Today I finished my little short film "Open Door". The Bee going into the flower was very symbolic to me. I saw it as a sign to call this film “Open Door”. I believe God stands at a door waiting for us to come knocking. When you do knock, he is most welcoming.

My approach to making this little video was to capture the “nooks and crannies” of St. James Church, angles that you would either take for granted or spaces that you may never actually see. I wanted to showcase the Character of the church. To my delight this task was made easy thanks to mother nature! As the light changed and moved outside it was guiding me through every shot. The sunshine would reveal something that would catch my eye and then a shadow somewhere else would appear, so then I would move my focus to that area and so-on-and-so-fourth. It was awesome!

08.15.2011 - Falls

Spent the entire day today at Elbow Falls in Kananaskiss Country filming my short film "Falls". This experimental short film is two seperate scenes. I'm capturing as much imagery as possible that highlights water moving or hitting rock formations. I'm using this as symbolizm of "creative walls" that seem to be everywhere when attempting to be creative. The other scene I will be filming a actual artist painting sometype of abstract image and between the two scenes tell a short story of the Creative Process. Should be interesting and it's a fun experiment and film to do. stay tuned.

05.18.2011 - Morta Skuld

I directed a music video for metal band "Morta Skuld". The release of their album 'Through The Eyes of Death' coming July 5th via Relapse Records. We filmed the video in two locations. Band performance was filmed in Milwaukee and a dramatic sequence (06.04.11) filmed in Calgary, Canada. I very special thanks to Kesar and Nick for their amazing talents! you guys really made this video very special. I'm looking forward to it's premiere July 5th! - D 


04.10..2011 - Truck

Over the past Saturday and Sunday we filmed the music video for Calgary band "Truck!" The entire video was shot within a very dark warehouse in South East Calgary (seems like I always find myself in a warehouse these days?). We had Bryan (drummer) in full costume looking very insane (thanks to Kesar Designs) , a very harry large tarantella named "Leggs", and four beautiful young Calgarian women ... a recipe for disaster! ... perfect I say! The shoot went very, very well and the footage is stellar! We plan to have the video premiere sometime in late May 2011. - Stay Tuned.



02.28..2011 - Freezing in the name of Metal

When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time." This sums up our weekend music video shoot in -30. A huge thanks to a crew with big Hearts and frozen appendages. Micheal Matthews, Lindsay Vallance, James Duncan and Sean Jenkins. You guys undeniably rock!