05.27.2007 - Summersong

We filmed the music video for the track "summersong" over the past weekend and what a day it was! The footage has turned out amazing and the crew performed beautifully! This was my first attempt at working within the puppet world, and thanks to Mike Matthews (art director) and his team the experience was a blast. The puppet at some points was a little bastard - but overall it was an awesome experience directing a little man made of wood and glue.

Once again the set design and construction were amazing! and it was awesome to watch the process. I would walk into the workshop during pre-production and there would be Steve or Mike with a chainsaw carving out the shape of the mountain out of a huge square cube of foam. And then on the otherside of the workshop there would be Joey painting a tiny little house made from cardboard. What I pictured in my mind totally came to life and with flare! I'm so thinkful for the entire crew! all of them are artists in their own right. I walked onto the set and was so excited to start filming! Thank you all for helping me journey towards finding my own summersong and making this Music Video a piece of art.