11.22.2006 - Parenthesis

Over the past weekend (Nov.18th-19th 2006) we shot the music video for the single (Parenthesis) performed by Wade at MTM Studios. Producing this over the past two months was one of the most exhausting experiences of my life! - but the hard work paid off because it was most satisfying! The crew and set were outstanding and the band performed the hell out of the song. Thank you to everyone that was part of making this music video. I can't wait to get the footage into the cutting room. Thanks Chris T. for coming from Vancouver to shoot this mother.


06.03.2006 - Heather Blush

The Heather Blush music video "Bandage" was shot over two days in Southeast Calgary (June.6th-7th). We filmed in a the same space we shot the Devil-woman video! ... funny how you end up somewhere you never thought you would see again! The shoot was physically the hardest I've ever personally experienced! it's going to turn out awesome! Thanks everyone for helping make it happen.