Doug Cook 2014 |

Doug drills the depths of creativity and pushes the limits of ingenuity. In a world where "it's all been done before", Doug's striking imagery and visuals channel the raw emotion behind a melody to capture the soul of an artist and the essence of their song.

An articulate and lively proponent of his craft, Doug has been embraced by the metal community and has been invited to speak at the 2012/2013 Canadian Noctis Valkyries Metal Festival and at the Alberta Music Sessions. Recent projects include directing music videos for bands such as DivinityJung PeopleMorta SkuldOrphan HammerTruckAtomisMortilleryWalk As Chaos  and Control Denied.

Audiences have come to recognize his signature style, whether they identify this as sci-fi, futuristic or ballsy, his attention to detail in prop-use and production design elevate his work to the next level. Regardless of budget, Doug's final product always reflects that of a high-budget.

We chose Doug Cook to direct the video because of his passion and enthusiasm for the music and message. We completely trusted him to bring this to life visually
— The Unraveling
A Doug Cook film is a day in a minute, and an eclipse of a lifetime. It was a pleasure to be paint on his palette, and the soundtrack to a world we’ll watch until rest.
— Jung People

Doug's work has been screened at the Calgary Underground Film FestivalMoon Jive Film Fest and his short film Ringfinger was featured at the Toronto International Film Festival. The Music Video for Walk As Chao's "Impasse" was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2013 Alberta Media Production Industries Association. Doug is currently working on projects with metal bands Massacre and Exit Strategy He also has aspirations to produce and direct a feature-length film in Calgary within the next few years.

The collection of reviews on is impressive, but invest a few moments watching Doug's visual concoctions and you'll be enthralled with his ability to bring a message, melody or lyric to life in a way that's innovative and a natural reflection of the music, artist or organization. His technical competence, bold visual interpretations and unusual use of props and professionalism have distinguished him as a preferred local director here in Alberta.

Doug is a master of collaboration, drawing people to his work and forging strong relationships across the arts and business community. With drive and business savvy, it's easy to understand how this creative mind has helped transition one of Calgary's longest running furniture stores, Ethan Allen, into an inspiring design hub.

In an  "it's been done before" world, obscurity is hard to come by, but Albertan music video director Doug Cook is forging forward, ambitious and hungry to change the landscape of independent filmmaking and music videos in Canada.